ESB is developing proposals for Millmoor Rig Wind Farm



Millmoor Rig Wind Farm

Utilising the Natural Environment to Harness Clean, Zero Carbon Energy

Millmoor Rig Wind Farm

Utilising the Natural Environment to Harness Clean, Zero Carbon Energy

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ESB is developing proposals for Millmoor Rig Wind Farm

If consented, the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm will utilise the natural environment to harness clean, zero carbon energy and also support the long-term management of the forest in which Millmoor Rig Wind Farm will be located.



Millmoor Rig Wind Farm


We would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend the in person community consultation events in Southdean and Bonchester Bridge in June 2022, and to all those who provided feedback on the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm proposal so far.

The public consultation is open until Thursday 7th July 2022 if you would like to provide feedback on the proposed development.

All exhibition material that were presented at the in-person exhibitions is available below.


Feedback Form

Exhibition Boards

Millmoor Rig Site Location Plan

Project Summary

The site is located in the Scottish Borders, within a large area of commercial forestry in the Wauchope Forest. View the Location Plan for a detailed map of location.

After taking into consideration responses to our Scoping stage proposals from statutory consultees and the local community, as well as information collected from environmental surveys, we have undertaken a series of design iterations and refined the layout of the proposed development.

The Millmoor Rig Wind Farm proposal comprises:

  • Up to 13 turbines, with a maximum height ranging from 180m to 210m, and a generating capacity in excess of 50MW. View Proposed Layout here.
  • Plans to co-locate battery storage with the wind farm to maximise the use of the grid connection
  • On-site access tracks linking the turbines and connecting to the A6088 road via a mixture of new and existing roads, using the route of an existing forestry track
  • On-site grid substation
  • Site office and staff welfare facilities
  • An offer of a Community Benefits Package and Shared Community Ownership

Millmoor Rig Early Stage Development

Early Stage Development

The Millmoor Rig Wind Farm proposals are at an early stage. In February 2022, ESB submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Request to the Scottish Government, which sets out the range of environmental studies proposed to be undertaken in order to both shape the design and assess the impact of the project. The Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit issued their Scoping Response on 12th May 2022.

ESB is following Scottish Government guidance in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. ESB is currently working towards submission of an application for planning consent during 2022.

The left image is Raheenleagh Wind Farm in Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Millmoor Rig Project Background

Project Background

The location of the proposed Millmoor Rig Wind Farm, within an area of extensive commercial forestry, is broadly similar to that proposed for another wind farm development known as Highlee Hill Wind Farm. However, Millmoor Rig Wind Farm is an entirely new proposal and ESB has no connection with either the former Highlee Hill Wind Farm proposal, which was withdrawn from planning in May 2017, or its developer.

In deciding whether to progress with its proposals for the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm, ESB carefully considered each of the consultee responses and representations to the Highlee Hill Wind Farm planning application.

Landscape Visual Assessment Millmoor Rig

Landscape and Visual Assessment

A digital Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) model was created to illustrate the geographical area within which views of development are theoretically possible. This is based on a 'bare-earth' scenario, whereby the screening effect of areas of existing vegetation or built features in the landscape are not taken into account.

We have proposed 18 viewpoint locations are intended to be representative of the visual experience in a general location or from a specific or important vantage point. Click on a sample of six of our proposed viewpoint location from the list below to view a wireline visualisation or photomontage, shown with a 90-degree horizontal field of view, illustrating the current layout. 

VP2 - Southdean
VP3 - Fort NE of Southdean
VP6 - B6357 Vantage Point
VP8 - A6088 NW of Carter Bar
VP9 - Carter Bar
VP12 - Rubers Law

If you would like to view copies of the viewpoint wireline visualisations from the Scoping layout, please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page’


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Millmoor Rig Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

As part of the development process we must undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to assess the effects of the development on the natural, physical and human environment.

The number, size and layout of the turbines will be determined by environmental, technical and commercial constraints identified during the EIA and iterative design processes. 

The EIA, which will be published in an EIA Report, will cover topics including landscape and visual amenity; traffic and highways; noise; ornithology and ecology; archaeology and cultural heritage; geology, hydrogeology and hydrology; forestry; and socio economics. Consultation with statutory and non-statutory authorities and with the public is a key part of the EIA process.

ESB has appointed RSK Environment Ltd (RSK), an experienced environmental consultancy, as lead consultant to carry out the EIA and related assessments to accompany a Section 36 application to Scottish Ministers.

Public Consultation


  • ESB Held two public consultation events in Southdean and Bonchester Bridge, on 16th June and 17th June 2022. The public consultation was held in order for the public to comment on the proposal as it moves through the design process. 

    All information available in the face to face exhibitions is available for download on the project website and can be found at the top of the page. For more information on the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm project, or to submit feedback forms, please contact Jessica Yanetta at

    The public consultation period will run until Thursday 7th July.

The Benefits of Millmoor Rig Wind Farm

The development of Millmoor Rig Wind Farm would bring several important benefits at both the local and national levels spanning the environment, economy and community.

  • Major positive impacts on the environment, providing clean, renewable energy, and helping the Scottish Government reach its target for net-zero carbon by 2045 and interim 2030 targets
  • Supporting the local economy via contracts for tender and local construction spending
  • Community benefit funding of £5,000 per megawatt installed generating capacity, shaped to local needs, over the lifetime of the project if consented and constructed.


The Benefits 

Read more about the benefits of the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm Development




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