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Electric Vehicle Charging for Business

Move your organisation forward


Electric Vehicle Charging for Business

Move your organisation forward



The electrification of transport is an essential component of any decarbonisation strategy. Whether you want to improve green credentials by electrifying your organisation’s fleet, or meet the evolving needs of staff and customers, our expert team will deliver the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging infrastructure that’s right for your organisation.


We will work in partnership with you to design, install and maintain a custom charging infrastructure. And with funding available, you can invest in the future, at no cost today.



"Kari Daniels, CEO, Tesco Ireland: “At Tesco we recognise that a growing number of our customers who visit our stores are using electric vehicles. Partnering with ESB installing these charging sites nationwide will help the Government’s Climate Action Plan and our aim as a business to become a zero-carbon retailer by 2050.”

Kari Daniels

CEO Tesco Ireland


Our Offerings

  • Connecting and decarbonising communities with sustainable infrastructure through strategic partnerships.
  • Charge point management
  • M2M communications
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Real-time digital tools e.g. online charge point map and app
  • Data collection and analytics



Tailored Solutions

We tailor our solutions to meet your business needs. Customisation means different things for each business. It's a conversation. 

Briefly outline your needs and a member of our team will get back to you to further help you along the way.  

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