Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging Plans

Flexible EV fleet charging plans


Our EV fleet charging plans are specially designed to accommodate the needs and requirements of Electric Vehicle Fleet Owners. Our plans offer a reduced per kWh rate and streamlined control and reporting on usage.

Effective EV fleet management includes ensuring a fair price for charging. Our reduced rate means that EV charging costs less for commercial fleets than for private electric vehicles.

We charge per unit of electricity known as Kilowatt hour (kWh). The mileage you will get per kWh will depend on your vehicle and driving style.

See our Fleet Price Plans for electric commercial vehicles below.


Added benefits for electric vehicle fleet owners

We include a suite of fleet solutions for charging to make EV fleet management as simple as possible. Other benefits include fixed account maintenance fees, which are less than membership fees, and flexibility to add and remove accounts and access cards.*


Commercial fleet solutions & management - what's included?

- The ability to monitor usage across your entire electric fleet

- The ability to track, analyse and control EV fleet charging costs

- The ability to conveniently manage and group drivers, access cards, vehicles and account information

- Charge and go via our EV Plug In app

- Live charge point map

- Access to 24/7 customer care support

- Free ESB Energy charge point access cards

- Collective billing and account management for easy EV fleet management

- Additional payment methods**


* Your electric fleet plan might change if you add accounts beyond the predefined limit. Please refer to your plan details

**Our system currently supports debit and credit card payments only. Other payment facilities such as Direct Debit will soon be available for fleet customers.

ESB reserves the right to change the rate you pay at its sole discretion. 

Note: To ensure a charge point is available for the next user, a long stay fee of £10 will apply for charging sessions longer than 1 hour.


Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging Plans

EV Fleet Plan 5

For up to 5 EV's



per kWh

EV Fleet Plan 10

For up to 10 EV's



per kWh

EV Fleet Plan 15

For up to 15 EV's



per kWh

EV Fleet Plan 20

For up to 20 EV's



per kWh


Sign up your commercial fleet today

To Sign Up for one of our Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging Plans, simply download and fill out the form below and send it to EVsupport@esbenergy.co.uk.

ESB requires the information on this and the following screens to process your application, and to create and administer your account. The data controller is ESB Innovation UK Limited. Please refer to our privacy policy.

Corporate Fleet Account Request Form

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Maximum annual energy consumption limit for each Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging plan, beyond which they may have an account upgrade or might lead to account deactivation 

Businesses with electric fleet sizes larger than 20 should contact EVsupport@esbenergy.co.uk for possible tailored offerings.


EV Fleet Plans Terms and Conditions

EV Fleet Plans Terms of Service


EV Fleet Management Portal Guide

Please see here a helpful guide to assist in allowing you to effectively manage your ESB Energy EV fleet account.