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How do I contact ESB Energy Electric Vehicle Solutions?

Should you have any queries regarding our public electric vehicle charging network, our 24/7 Customer Care Team is available by phone on 0345 609 0372 or by email at



How do I report a safety concern?

If you notice damage or vandalism at a Rapid Charger please call our 24/7 Customer Care Team on 0345 609 0372.

If it is an emergency situation, please contact emergency services immediately on 999.



What should I do if I cannot disconnect my cable?

If you have followed the instructions on the Rapid Charger and you are still unable to detach the cable, please consult your vehicle’s user manual. Some vehicles have a built-in locking mechanism, which may require you to unlock the cable from the vehicle as well. Failing this, please call our 24/7 Customer Care Team on 0345 609 0372. 



Are you a former ESB Energy Residential Electricity Supply customer? 

Last year we announced a merger between So Energy and ESB Energy. That means that So Energy has taken over the supply of ESB Energy’s former residential customers. To contact So Energy, visit here.


Other queries? Visit our Help Centre.



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