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Carbon Analytics & Energy Insights

Enable large financial and carbon emissions savings

Carbon Analytics & Energy Insights

Enable large financial and carbon emissions savings

Our Offerings

We design a system tailored to the needs of your organisation

  • Remote monitoring and verification
  • Expert recommendation, assessment and analysis
  • Management of optimisation and energy efficiency projects

Few organisations have a dedicated Energy Manager. That’s why we offer our team of dedicated energy engineers and analysts. We work with a variety of cloud-based energy management platforms that can be monitored and analysed remotely. Our experts continually track and measure your organisation’s energy usage and carbon emissions to deliver the insights you need to unlock greater efficiencies, reduce energy costs and free up resources.

Our Approach



    • To gain an understanding of the energy usage we use Measuring and Tracking systems linked to well placed meters across your building to provide us with real time energy usage data, which supports us identifying energy saving

    Monitor and analyse

    • These measurements are provided to our team of energy analysts over the cloud with real-time information on how much and how efficiently energy is being used. They can optimise systems in real time to highlight faults or anomalies to make adjustments on the spot.


    • We provide energy insights based our expert analysis and knowledge of similar buildings. We highlight and recommend potential longer term energy saving projects and efficiency measures to reduce energy.


    The Energy Management Hub offers a range of energy management services, including full day-to-day management of optimisation and energy efficiency projects. The total energy management service enables a business to unlock efficiencies and frees up resource to concentrate on core business priorities.



    Tailored Solutions

    We tailor our solutions to meet your business needs. Customisation means different things for each business. It's a conversation. 

    Briefly outline your needs and a member of our team will get back to you to further help you along the way.  


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