Millmoor Rig Wind Farm - Development Timeline

Millmoor Rig Wind Farm - Development Timeline


Our Programme

Autumn 2020

 • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) surveys commence.


 • EIA surveys ongoing in accordance with the latest Scottish Government COVID-19 restrictions.

 • EIA Scoping Report prepared.

February 2022

 • EIA Scoping Request submitted to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit, setting out the scope of the EIA surveys to be undertaken.

 • Millmoor Rig Wind Farm website launched.

Spring 2022

 • Ongoing design evolution and environmental assessment process to optimise the design to achieve balance between energy performance and environmental effects. Measures to be identified to eliminate, avoid, reduce or mitigate any potentially significant effects where possible.

 • EIA Scoping Opinion received from Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit on 12th May 2022, confirming the scope of the EIA

Summer 2022

 • First public consultation events held in the local community, in Southdean and Bonchester Bridge. 

• Environmental Impact Assessment surveys completed.

Winter 2022  

• Section 36 application for Millmoor Rig Wind Farm submitted to Scottish Government.  

• Formal public consultation period opens. 

January 2023  

• Second public consultation events to be held in Southdean and Bonchester Bridge  

• Formal consultation period closes 31st January 2023


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