Millmoor Rig Wind Farm - The Benefits

Millmoor Rig Wind Farm - The Benefits

Environmental Benefits

A Climate Emergency has been declared by the Scottish Government. If consented and constructed, Millmoor Rig Wind Farm would: 

  • provide clean, renewable energy, helping the Scottish Government reach its target for net-zero carbon by 2045 and interim 2030 targets
  • generate approximately 172,808 MWh of renewable electricity each year, enough output to power the equivalent of 44,197 households for a year
  • replace fossil fuels from the electricity generation system, saving up to 60,752 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year in comparison with the existing electricity generation sources supplying the national grid.

Working collaboratively with conservation bodies, environmental specialists and landowners, ESB is committed to exploring opportunities to enhance the natural habitats local to the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm. These will form part of ESB’s package of mitigation, offsetting and enhancement measures for the project. The details of these will be included in documentation accompanying the application for consent, including an outline Peat Management Plan and outline Habitat Management Plan.

Enhancement activities currently under discussion include, riparian woodland and enhancement planting, and targeted measures to improve habitats for protected species. 

Economic Benefits

During both the construction and the proposed 35-year operation of the wind farm, the Millmoor Rig project will provide opportunities to support the local economy. A range of contracts for the construction of the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm will be available for tender. Local companies will be encouraged to apply for contracts and given preference where possible.

Community Benefits

ESB is committed to setting up a community benefit fund to the value of £5,000 per installed MW. This could equate to up to £390,000 per year, for 35 years (calculated on base assumptions on turbine numbers once the project is consented and operational). This would equate to up to £13.6 million community benefit funding over the lifetime of the project.

The communities that will be impacted by the construction and operation of the proposed wind farm will be invited to help shape a community benefit package that best meets local needs. ESB will reach out to local groups and community representatives to seek their input as the project progresses. There are many community benefit options being considered, from capital funding and local regeneration to support for local groups and clubs. All ideas will be actively discussed with community councils, development trusts and local representatives in the surrounding areas.

ESB invites the local community to discuss with us the opportunity for Shared Community Ownership of the project.


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