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Coral Leisure

Diving into energy savings with one of Ireland's largest leisure centres


Coral Leisure

Diving into energy savings with one of Ireland's largest leisure centres



As one of the largest leisure services provider in Ireland, Coral Leisure manages nine Council-owned sports and recreational centres, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of its facilities, as well as the health and wellbeing of its members and staff. Coral needed a partner that could deliver significant cost and energy saving solutions at scale, while managing the application and administration of grant funding




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"ESB Energy delivered a range of energy efficient solutions in Coral leisure centres across Ireland, contributing to a 25% reduction in our energy bills"

Siobhan Tighe

Managing Director Coral Leisure

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The Challenge

Coral’s brief was straightforward, if not simple: find ways to reduce annual energy consumption. This meant cutting usage from 1,200 kWh/m2 to 900 kWh/m2.

Due to a cut off date for a Government  grant, we had only 90 days to implement 11 diverse projects at four locations. The tight schedule meant incredible feats of collaboration and coordination were required to deliver the project on time, and in accordance with strict health and safety specifications.

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The Solution

  • Energy efficient LED lighting retrofits across all facilities
  • 50 kilowatt Combined Heat and Power-generating unit was installed in Cobh delivering the most significant results

The Technology

LED technology offers the most energy efficient lighting option available. CHPs can offer cost savings in the tens of thousands.

The Results


  • 15-25% reduction in energy costs
  • 4,000 tonnes per annum carbon reduction
  • Increased staff morale
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The Competitive Advantages 

  • Reduced energy cost per visitor 
  • Capital expenditure offset by energy cost savings
  • Greater control over energy usage & costs
  • Improved atmosphere from LED lighting and climate controls
  • Green credentials create pride within the community


Dramatically Reduce your Energy Costs

ESB Energy works in partnership with large energy users to deliver sustainable solutions that dramatically reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.


  • Unparalleled expertise in the energy sector
  • An international network of technology partners
  • Advanced energy monitoring and analytics
  • Project financing with no upfront investment required


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