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In Partnership with: Ardagh Group


In Partnership with: Ardagh Group




As a company committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing processes, the Ardagh Group needed a partner that understood its mandate for a low-carbon future and was capable of delivering a project at scale.


ESB Energy Business Solutions collaborated with the Ardagh Group to deliver a best-in-class energy solution that would optimize energy usage and secure supply, at their glass manufacturing plant in Irvine, Scotland.

We needed a cost-efficient, 100% effective battery storage solution capable of supporting our operational requirements and reducing the plant’s reliance on the grid, as well as its environmental impact. ESB Energy Business Solutions delivered.

Annelene Fisser

CST & Sustainability Manger, Ardagh Group

The Challenge


As a large manufacturing facility with a global roster of clients, the Irvine facility requires a large amount of energy to support nearconstant production. Due to the infrastructure of the High Voltage supply network, the Irvine plant is susceptible to voltage dips, which have the potential to impact the Company’s production.

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The Results

  • 2 MW battery delivered
  • Energy storage capacity secured
  • Additional revenue stream created through the sale of excess energy to the UK National Grid
  • Environmental impact reduced

The Solutions


A 2 MegaWatt battery storage system combined with demand-side response technology was designed to alleviate pressure on the grid during peak consumption times, and return excess energy when it is not required. A first-of-its kind grid optimisation solution, the Ardagh system provides a secure and stable supply of energy, as well as an additional stream of revenue through the sale of energy back to the grid.

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The Competitive Advantages

  • Energy security and supply resilience
  • Greater control over energy costs
  • Industry-leading sustainability

Dramatically Reduce Your Energy Cost


ESB Energy works in partnership with large energy users to deliver sustainable solutions that dramatically reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.


  • Unparalleled expertise in the energy sector
  • An international network of technology partners
  • Advanced energy monitoring and analytics
  • Project financing with no upfront investment required


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