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Moving Home Checklist Blog

Moving Home Checklist

Moving into a new house can be an exciting time, albeit an overwhelming one. We wanted to give you one less thing to worry about in this big change with our Moving Home Energy Checklist. 

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Benefits of Electric Vehicles Blog

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Slowly but surely, UK car buyers are shifting towards electric vehicles. The increasing availability and accessibility of electric cars combined with ever-improving infrastructure has led to more buyers considering replacing petrol and diesel cars with...

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Investment in Green Energy Blog

Our Investment in Green Energy

ESB Energy has been Ireland’s leading gas and electricity supplier for more than 90 years. And for over 25 years, we’ve been right here in Britain, pushing the boundaries of what great energy looks like by investing invaluable time and infrastructure into...

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10 Step Guide to Saving Energy Blog

10 Step Guide to Saving Energy

Saving energy is one of the quickest, most sure-fire ways to introduce more sustainable habits into your life – at the same time as saving money. There are many tricks and tips when it comes to reducing your electricity and gas usage...

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Experts in Energy Blog

Experts in Energy

For more than 90 years, we’ve been changing the way the world thinks about energy. Our strategy for creating a brighter future is anchored in our motivation to be the experts in energy – by leading the transition to a low carbon world... 

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Switching Made Easy Blog

Switching Made Easy

Switching energy should be easy and hassle free. That's why at ESB Energy, we ensure to make switching as fast, easy and safe as possible. We guarantee our customers: You won’t be cut off. You won’t be charged for switching. There is no need...

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Difference Between Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Blog

Difference Between Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

You’ve heard of renewable energy and non-renewable energy. But when we get down to it, what are they and what are the major differences between the two? There are nine widespread...

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Why Choose ESB Energy Blog

Why Choose ESB Energy

Switching Electricity and Gas Supplier? How do you know what supplier to choose? What is the difference between us and them? Where can I go to get the right information? Why should I choose ESB Energy over the rest? Well here's why...

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