Merger Between So Energy and ESB Energy

Merger between So Energy and ESB Energy

For ESB Energy domestic energy supply customers

Today we are announcing a merger between So Energy and ESB Energy.

We want to thank you for choosing ESB Energy as your energy supplier. We really appreciate that you have chosen ESB Energy as your energy supplier and we hope that you continue to choose us as we enter a new and exciting phase.

We will be changing our name to So Energy as a result of acquiring a majority stake in that company, but you can be sure that ESB’s values and heritage will be felt in the new company. The deal will mean we can further invest in new and exciting green solutions for our customers.

You probably have some questions but the main thing to know is that you don’t need to do anything - we will take care of everything.

Nothing will change initially, and over time we’ll move your energy supply account to So Energy.

  • Your terms of service will remain the same. You will migrate to a new account on an agreed date and we’ll be in touch with you in advance.
  • Your online portal will run as normal until then.
  • Your current contract T&Cs will not change until your contract ends. When it’s time to renew your contract, we’ll make sure to offer you our very best So Energy tariff.

Our Electric Vehicle Charging and Business Solutions customers will continue to operate under the ESB Energy brand.