6 technologies that can help businesses reduce energy costs

6 technologies that can help businesses reduce energy costs

  • Now is the time for large organisations to put the right technologies in place to make energy savings.
  • ESB Energy outlines six innovative tools that can help your business today.  

1. Time for a light bulb moment

Did you know that upgrading to LED lighting can reduce your lighting energy consumption by 50-60%?

LED lights use very little energy, last longer and are instantly bright when switched on. They also fit existing sockets, so there is minimal effort in switching, and are available for almost any purpose.

As upgrades go, it’s simple, cost effective and hassle-free. To learn more about how you can reduce your operating and maintenance costs for your business, read how BWG Retail Chain achieved 60% in energy reduction.

2. Power your lights through solar

By 2030, solar energy is expected to power 13% of the world. Give your business a head start by installing solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels that convert the sun’s rays into electricity, which can then be used to power lights and appliances.

A question we’re often faced with, is whether the UK’s climate lends itself to the cost-savings that come with solar panels. The answer is yes. The temperate climate is perfectly suited to the development of solar energy, with our lower temperatures enhancing the performance and lifetime of solar cells.

So whether you are seeking to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint or futureproof your business energy supply, commercial solar panels can offer the perfect energy solution.

Read how Dublin Airport reduced its energy consumption across two terminals by 42% with solar panels.

3. Store your energy – batteries included

Battery storage solutions are battery units that are installed on-site to offer businesses a means to store and discharge electricity at specific times. They operate independently from the national grid and offer back-up power, therefore providing security of supply and reduced exposure to peak demand periods. 

For a large energy user there are plenty of benefits that come with battery storage. Businesses can reduce energy costs and avail of extra revenue streams through demand response schemes.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read how Ardagh Manufacturing not only had 100% effective battery storage but were also able to sell power back to the grid.

4. Harness wind for a new direction

As the fastest-growing renewable energy source currently available, wind energy plays an essential role in achieving a zero-carbon future. Wind turbines convert wind energy into electricity to power your site.

The UK has the unique advantage of a steady supply of raw material due to our location.

If you’re serious about reducing your business’s carbon footprint and saving money in the long-term, investing in wind equipment and infrastructure will ensure your business is a clean energy user for decades to come.

5. Heat pumps – alternative ways to heat your premises

Heating makes up a large proportion of the running costs of any industrial or commercial premises, as well as being a major contributor to carbon emissions.

Large-scale commercial heat pumps are proving a great alternative to fossil fuel heating systems. Heat pumps provide an electrically powered geothermal heating system that uses the natural underground temperature of the earth, air or water to heat, cool and provide hot water to buildings.

To read how Dundee City Council in Scotland reduced carbon using ESB Energy heat pump solutions, and went on to win two Scottish Green Awards, click here.  

6. Get smart with your technology

Knowledge is power – it’s difficult to make savings if we don’t know how much energy we are using, how it is being used and when it is being used. Smart monitoring and smart metering will enable us to measure, analyse, control and optimise your heating and lighting systems while driving down costs.

To assist large organisations on their decarbonisation journey, ESB Energy has put in place a £75 million fund which enables businesses to undertake major energy reduction projects without the need for an upfront capital investment.

To find out how ESB Energy Business Solutions can help your business, email businesssolutions@esbenergy.co.uk