ESB Energy installs its first chargers in Birmingham

ESB Energy installs its first chargers in Birmingham


ESB Energy installs its first chargers in Birmingham

ESB Energy has installed its first chargers in Birmingham in partnership with Birmingham City Council. Over the next two years, an initial network of almost 200 fast and rapid chargers (394 charge points), powered by 100% renewable energy, will be installed across the city as part of its commitment to improve air quality and cut carbon emissions.  

Watch out for ESB Energy chargers rolling out across Birmingham over the coming months. EV drivers can try out the first ESB Energy chargers in Birmingham for free for a limited time, using a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) payment plan, before pay for use is launched later in the summer. 


How to avail of Free Charging in Birmingham

To avail of the free charging offer, sign up to a PAYG payment plan, available here. This plan operates on a pre-pay basis, whereby you top up with credit. Credit will be taken from your payment card, but will not be used when charging at Birmingham chargers for the duration of the free charging offer. The lowest amount of credit that can be added to an account upon registering is £10. Any credit you load today will continue to be available in full once pay-for-use is introduced later in the summer. 

You can also sign up via the EV Plug In app available to download from the Google Play store, and Apple App store. 

If pay-as-you-go doesn’t work for you right now, you can ‘charge and go’ by using our chargers for free on a once-off, completely anonymous basis without registering using the EV Plug In app. To do this, simply locate the charge point you wish to use on our charge point map via the EV Plug In app and follow the instructions to start charging.  

Free charging is for a limited time only. Later in the summer, pay for use will be introduced across the network. At the end of the free charging period, customers will remain on this plan unless they choose either a Membership or TAXI plan at that time if desired.

The Membership and TAXI plans are separate to this free charging offer and will be launched at a later date.  

* The installation of the first ESB Energy chargers in Birmingham begins from 28th April 2021. Chargers will undergo several days of initial testing. Drivers may experience intermittent issues while testing takes place. If you experience any issues at the chargers, please contact our 24/7 customer care line on 0345 609 0372. Thank you for your patience during this time. 


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