Commit to Green Energy with an Electric Car & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Commit to Green Energy with an Electric Car & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


So, maybe you’ve made the first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle by switching to green energy, and now you’re wondering about electric cars.  It seems they’re everywhere. The government is talking about them, Elon Musk is talking about them, and your techy neighbour has one.But what are electric cars? And are they really good for the planet? 

Electric cars, also known as electric vehicles or EVs, have many advantages for their drivers, but they can also help us to keep our world clean by reducing our carbon footprint. 


The electric vehicle revolution in the UK 

It is no surprise that transport drives up our national carbon footprint as it is the largest carbon emitting sector of the UK economy, with cars and vans accounting for a whopping 1/5 of UK carbon emissions in 2018.  

The UK government has set out huge ambitions in its fight against climate change, which include reducing carbon emissions by 68% by the year 2030, the fastest rate of any major economy, and highlighting the UK’s eco-friendly commitment. 


Electric cars vs petrol cars  

In the UK in 2019, the lifetime carbon emissions per kilometre of driving a Nissan Leaf (EV) were about three times lower than the average conventional (petrol/diesel) car. So, the increased uptake of electric cars is an extremely important part of meeting our climate change goals. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are regularly seeing reports on how the environment has benefitted from the drop in use of petrol and diesel cars. If we see an increase in the uptake of electric cars, we will similarly see the more of the incredible benefits that are linked to the reduction in CO2 levels in our atmosphere. 


The electric car battery fuels zero tailpipe emissions  

One big attraction of making the switch to driving an electric car is zero tailpipe emissions. When you're on the move, the electric vehicle system is a 'closed loop', which means that the battery drives the electric motor and powers all of the on-board electrics without producing any waste, so they do not emit any harmful fumes. 


Electric vehicles & air quality 

From giving rise to health problems, negatively impacting nature, and accelerating global warming, the harmful effects of air pollution are many. The elimination of tailpipe emissions from driving electric cars has a direct impact on the quality of the air we breathe. Electric cars remove emissions from the air, saving us from breathing in dangerous gases like Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and fine particulate matter. Electric cars will help us to cut carbon emissions, so we can meet the UK’s air quality standards and reduce our carbon footprint.  


Green Energy in the UK: Heading in the Right Direction 

In the UK in 2019, 36.9% of electricity was generated by renewable sources, a record high, and that figure is growing year after year.  

This year, Birmingham and Bath are introducing clean air zones, which will either prevent or impose a levy on drivers of polluting vehicles driving through the town centre. Since 2019, an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has been in place in central London, whereby vehicles must meet emission standards or pay a daily fee. This is the way of the future – there are at least 30 more British councils who plan to introduce clean air zones. 


ESB Energy’s commitment to renewable energy  

According to EY’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), the UK has become the fifth-best country in the world for green energy investment and deployment, following the government’s commitment to invest £350 million to cut carbon emissions and support the net zero goal. And at ESB Energy, we’ve already invested over £2 billion in responsible, renewable energy. We have more than 10 windfarms across the country, which supply renewable energy to over 80,000 homes, schools, businesses and hospitals.  

The green energy used to power your EV using our Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network across London, Coventry and Birmingham is clean too. By investing in renewable energy sources and developing sustainable technologies, we're paving the way to a cleaner, brighter future for Britain and our planet. 


You can play your part by choosing an electric car. The more kilometres you switch from petrol or diesel to electric, the more CO2 you keep out of the atmosphere.