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ESB EV Solutions partners with Allstar to accept the Allstar One Electric card


24 September, 2019

ESB EV Solutions is delighted to announce a new partnership with Allstar Business Solutions, the UK’s leading fuel management company, who today launched its electric vehicle (EV) charging payment solution, the Allstar One Electric card. This new card supports the needs of customers switching to full electric or hybrid company vehicles.

The new EV payment solution combines all the benefits of the Allstar One card, including access to the UK’s largest fuel network, savings across the Discount Diesel network and one HMRC-compliant invoice for all transactions.  The new card looks to the future by adding the ability to pay for EV charging across a multi-branded electric charging network including ESB EV Solutions.

Allstar One Electric answers the direct call from fleet managers who want to move to a combination of all fuel types on one fuel card.

This is supported by the recent study, Navigating the Alternatively Fuelled Future, which was written in response to requests from Allstar customers to help them better understand the impact, opportunities and challenges they may have when introducing alternative fuels (AF) into their fleet. 

Paul Holland, MD for UK Fuel at FLEETCOR, commented: “Those managing fleets that combine petrol, diesel and electric vehicles are faced with many challenges, needing to manage multiple accounts and payment methods to ensure their fleet has access to a convenient network for all its refuelling needs. On top of this, they are met by varying account structures, different pricing, separate invoicing and reporting, leading to a lot of administration that leaves fleet managers and owners without the necessary controls to run their business. With our card, we want to ensure our customers are supported with convenient payment solutions to keep their vehicles on the road.”

Niall Hogan, Managing Director of ESB EV Solutions, said: “With over 100 rapid chargers across London and Coventry, ESB EV Solutions is delighted to partner with Allstar Business Solutions to create a brighter, low-carbon future for all the communities we serve.”

To find out more about how the Allstar One Electric card can benefit your business visit: www.allstarcard.co.uk or contact: 0345 266 5101.