ESB Energy's EV Charging network extends Paua's business roaming network

ESB Energy's EV charging network extends Paua's business roaming network


10th August, 2022

  • Market leader ESB Energy brings a growing network of 543 charge point connectors to the Paua network
  • Paua now extends beyond 18,000 live connectors for businesses to access making it the largest aggregated network for business drivers in the UK

One app. One card. One bill. Thousands of chargepoints and absolutely zero emissions!

Today Paua announces that ESB Energy’s EV charging network, one of the largest operators in London, is now live for Paua customers. With a growing network of over 557 rapid connectors across London, Coventry and most recently Birmingham, the ESB network enhances Paua’s city centre coverage.

ESB Energy will be extending its network further across the UK following a recent agreement with the EV Network and Zood Infrastructure (a subsidiary of Sustainable Development Capital Limited). This builds on their experience on the island of Ireland where ESB built the first ever interoperable cross-border system of more than 1,350 public charging points.

This integration marks an important milestone in Paua’s national network development taking the total number of live chargepoint connectors to over 18,000 With a national reach the Paua EV charge card is now the largest aggregated network for EV drivers. The addition of ESB Energy to the range of market leading chargepoint networks provides drivers even more choice.

Business drivers can now find, charge, and pay with a single card and app across the Paua aggregated network. Fleets benefit from app and card and the peace of mind that one company has built all the software to aggregate all the leading charging networks into one place for their public charging needs. Fleets can charge in even more locations than any other provider.

Fleets pay a simple subscription to access the service and pay for charging at the networks prevailing rate. A harmonised VAT receipt for all charging ensures fleets save 20% on the public charging costs. And with ESB Energy’s 100% renewable powered network fleets can be assured of even more low emissions miles.

“We have been living and breathing the energy transition for years now. Our team are experienced and well equipped to simplify the experience that drivers need as entire fleets transition to electric motoring. We look forward to supporting more businesses on the transition with Paua everywhere.” Niall Riddell, CEO & CO-founder of Paua. 

"Supporting customers on the transition to zero emissions transport is core to the thesis of ESB Energy. As we continue to build out our charging network across the UK, we are delighted to be joining the experienced team at Paua on this journey." John Byrne, Head of ESB Energy EV Solutions.

- Fleets can sign up for their first five RFID cards free at