Enabling Cost and Carbon Savings for Your Business Through our Funded Solutions


Enabling cost and carbon savings for your business through our funded solutions




Historically, large scale energy projects required by businesses in the move towards net zero have required large and long term upfront investment. The substantial cost of these projects can often fall outside of agreed financial budgets and unlike traditional fossil-fuel burning projects, energy reduction projects such as CHP (Combined Heat and Power) do not always offer the same financial returns that once meant agreement for capital investment was just a formality.

Change in attitude

In recent years, there has been a step change in attitude and drivers for carrying out on-site energy solutions, previously businesses focused on reducing energy spend, return on investment, decentralisation and resilience. Now, businesses understand that demonstrating a focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is seen as being essential to cut costs, meet carbon reduction targets, and to help brands grow. However, this still needs to be balanced with affordability and managing a profitable bottom line.

The ability for large energy users to access low-cost funding is now helping to drive the deployment of more sustainable energy solution projects. Concerns about cost or lack of expertise should not get in the way of implementing your businesses carbon reduction strategy. ESB Energy Business Solutions combines financial strength, market expertise, energy management and optimisation services into a single package to deliver tangible cost and carbon savings for your organisation.

The mechanics of these funding options will see ESB Energy finance the upfront capital cost, either from their own balance sheet or via a third party, of the project and then look for a repayment through a share of the energy savings - the most popular way of doing this is through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This agreement provides the ability to lock in future energy costs at below-market rates. This agreement will see ESB Energy remain the owner and operator of the asset through the life of the agreement and as such, is responsible for carrying out operation and maintenance to ensure the asset is performing and able to meet its agreed service levels.

What we do

We take care of everything, from planning to installation, and administration to maintenance. Organisations pay only for the zero-carbon energy produced, at an agreed-upon low rate for a set term period.

By delivering predictable energy savings through an off-balance sheet solution while improving your organisation's green credentials, ESB Energy's funded solutions provide multiple benefits to your organisation, including:

ESB Energy Business Solutions offer a full range of funded solutions and to demonstrate our commitment, we operate a £75 million fund that is dedicated to assisting large energy users to access affordable finance and expertise to help bring their carbon reduction strategy to life.

Speak to one of our energy experts today to learn how we can partner with your business to deliver a bespoke solution specific to your organisational needs.


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