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Spinning up to support sustainable energy: Carrington Power Station


In 2017 we were proud to open Carrington Power Station. Powering more than 1 million homes and businesses in the Greater Manchester area, the gas fired power station is one of the most efficient thermal plants in the UK and has the ability to allow renewables like wind and solar on its system at any given time.

Carrington Power Station


Carrington Power Station – For when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine

At ESB Energy our priority continues to be the development of our low carbon and renewable technologies.

The flexibility provided by Carrington allows more renewable generation to come on stream, while also preserving security of supply and affordability for our customers.

Power stations like Carrington complement low carbon wind and solar renewable energy by providing reliable electricity all year round, whatever the weather or time of day.


Building a Brighter Future for Britain

ESB has been Ireland’s leading gas and electricity supplier for more than 90 years. And for nearly 30 years, we’ve been right here in Britain, pushing the boundaries of what great energy looks like by investing invaluable time and infrastructure into greener energy - which we’re now supplying straight to you.

We're on a big green mission to make Britain’s transition to sustainability easier. And it’s working. Today we supply over 300,000 homes with our clean, green energy.

And we have further planned investment that will have the potential to power approximately 1.8 million green homes across Great Britain. Doesn’t that sound exciting?


Switching to Green Electricity is Easy with Us!

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