Contactless payment for Electric Vehicle Charging



Contactless Payment from just 40p per kWh*

Contactless is available across the majority of our chargers in London and Coventry. Contactless is not available on Birmingham chargers at present.
If you are an occasional user of the network, you can pay by contactless from 40p* per kWh. A 50p connection fee is applicable for contactless payments at chargers.


We charge per unit of electricity known as kilowatt hour (kWh). The mileage you will get per kWh will depend on your vehicle and driving style. All our rapid chargers use 100% renewable electricity. 


*To find out more about the per kWh rate in your area:

Click here for London

Click here for Birmingham

Click here for Coventry


Note: To ensure a charge point is available for the next user, an overstay fee of £8 will apply for charging sessions longer than 60 minutes at London chargers.


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These Price Plan / Pricing Options Terms and Conditions are valid from 29th March 2022.

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