Going Electric

Going Electric


Why should I drive an electric vehicle?


Not only will an EV save you money with lower energy costs, they are cheaper to maintain. With fewer moving parts there is less wear and tear and fewer components to repair. There are also incentives available, such as government grants on the purchase of new EVs. For more details see here.  



How long does it take to charge an EV?


Typically, rapid charging takes about 30 minutes to recharge a battery to 80% capacity depending on battery capacity and vehicle intake.



What is a kWh?


The kilowatt-hour is the unit of measure for electrical energy and denotes the battery capacity of your EV.



How many miles do I get per kWh?


This depends on your vehicle, but the TX taxi typically gets around 3 miles per kWh of energy.



ESB Energy encourages all electric vehicle drivers to be mindful of the following driver etiquette around chargers:

A guide to driver etiquette around EV chargers



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