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Go Further, Faster, with our Funded Solutions

Go Further, Faster, with our Funded Solutions

Setting goals for 2025 and beyond? Our funding options, with innovative green engineering will get you there.

Concerns about cost or lack of in-house expertise shouldn’t get in the way of implementing your carbon reduction strategy. ESB Energy Business Solutions combines our financial strength, market expertise, energy management and optimisation services into a single package to deliver tangible cost and carbon savings for your organisation.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) help organisations achieve energy sustainability targets by mitigating the impact of rising wholesale energy costs. With the ability to lock in future energy costs at below-market rates, PPAs help organisations budget and forecast more accurately, while supporting large-scale decarbonisation projects.

Capex Funding via Long Term Contracts

CapEx Funding offers a turn-key solution, free of charge. We take care of everything, from planning to installation, admin and maintenance. You pay only for the zero carbon energy produced, at an agreed upon low rate, for a set term. With no equipment lease involved, and predictable energy savings delivered from day one, this off-balance sheet solution improves your organisation’s EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation), while boosting its green credentials.

The Benefits

Some of the benefits of Funded Solutions include:

  • Offsets costs
  • Supports Carbon Reduction Strategy
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • Reduces Risk
  • Frees up Resources
  • Off Balance sheet Solution 

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