ESB's Business in Great Britain

Creating a low-carbon future


Our Business

ESB Group has been Ireland’s largest energy company for more than 90 years, serving nearly 1.5m customers. Over 26 years ago, ESB Energy came to Britain and since then, we’ve played a central role in creating a low-carbon future for our customers. We’re actively creating this brighter future, every day. We make energy in Britain and are now supplying it straight to you.

Flexible Power is Good Power

We’ve invested and are continuing to invest in flexible, renewable energy types across the sustainable spectrum. From wind to thermal to biomass – we’re doing it, and we’re excited about it. 

Carrington Power Station

In 2017, we were proud to open the most efficient thermal power station in the UK: Carrington Power Station. Powering one million homes, Carrington is unique in its ability to provide fast back-up to wind and solar energy generation at any moment in time.

Tilbury Renewable Energy Plant

If we had to pick, our latest investment is our most exciting of all. Tilbury Power Station in Essex will produce 100% renewable energy from waste wood and has the capacity to power over 97,000 homes, helping us support the UK’s mission to produce 20% of its energy sustainably by 2020.

The Winds of Change

We began building wind farms in Britain over 30 years ago and we haven’t stopped since. From Fullbrook and Mynydd y Betws to West Durham, we’re powering over 79,000 homes, hospitals, schools and businesses across Britain. And we’re just getting started; we’ve got 11 more windfarms in the works across Britain.

Driving sustainable solutions

Our energy goals have taken us further, beyond powering homes and businesses sustainably. We wanted to be a part of Britain’s greener future in every way, so we developed one of the world’s very first nationwide electric car charging networks. That was in Ireland – now, we’re bringing it to Britain. By partnering up with Transport for London, we’ll be creating a charging infrastructure for London’s taxi fleet.

In just 25 years, we’ve made huge steps in the way we generate energy and we’ve been at the forefront of Britain’s sustainable energy production. Now? We’re excited about continuing this journey together, with you.