ESB in Britain: Our Energy Journey

Our Energy Journey

ESB Energy has been powering homes and businesses across Great Britain for more than 25 years. As Ireland’s largest energy-generator for over 90 years, we are now pushing the boundaries of what great energy looks like here, investing more than £2bn in our developments in Britain alone.

From Corby to Carrington

Our journey began in 1992, when we invested in Northamptonshire’s Corby power station – one of the UK’s first fully independent power plants. With the capability to power a city the size of Nottingham, this was a significant moment in our energy history.

We’re dedicated to continuously bettering our carbon footprint

Since then, our ever-growing team of talented, committed people has achieved a lot. We’ve invested significantly in Britain’s green energy landscape, with wind-farms in Devon, Durham and South Wales. Our priority continues to be the development and improvement of our pipeline of low carbon and renewable technologies; from electric vehicle charging points to biomass plant investments. In 2016, our most recent addition came to life: Carrington Power Station. The station – as well as being one of Britain’s most efficient thermal plants – is built to allow for renewable energy production, such as wind and solar, at any time. Carrington Power Station provides energy to over 1 million customers and has created over 40 permanent new jobs. Our latest focus is on the building of a renewable power plant at Essex’s Port of Tilbury and stands as a testament to our drive towards green energy. As our first investment in Britain’s biomass sector, the station will produce 100% renewable energy, generating green electricity from waste wood. The plant will have the capacity to power over 96,000 homes with sustainable energy and through it, we’ll be able to help Britain reach its goal of producing 20% of its energy from renewable sources.

It’s an exciting moment in our history – and it’s only the beginning.