Our Sustainable Innovations


We know that to create a worthwhile difference, we’ve got to think beyond the ordinary. From everyday sustainability practices in our offices to big, revolutionary change, we’re thinking big to create not only tangible, but holistic change.

Everything we do is built around a vision for a post-carbon world. We are committed to the highest standards of environmental management and to proactively evolving what we do to address the challenges of climate change. From keeping our recycling rates above 75% and diversion from landfill rates above 95% to larger systemic changes, we’re excited about doing better. Our focus is on the development of new, environmentally-driven products and services and in promoting energy and resource efficiency across everything we do.

Smart Energy means collaboration

Our Smart Energy Business Services go beyond regular consulting. We not only identify energy solutions and opportunities for large energy users, we implement them, too. We do this collaboratively, creating long-lasting partnerships that lead to discovering new opportunities.

We’re driving change through our electric vehicles

We believe that electrification of transport systems is hugely important when it comes to minimising our dependency on oil. That’s why, in 2010, we set out to build one of the first nationwide charging systems in Ireland. Now? We’re excited about bringing our network of Rapid Charging Points to Britain for London and Coventry City’s taxi fleets.

And we’re working together to create a Brighter Future

Our purpose to create a brighter future for our customers and communities we serve by leading the transition to reliable, affordable, low carbon energy. As well as our energy provision, we are committed to playing a role in addressing some of the key social issues facing the country today. Bringing light and energy to communities and programmes via our Energy for Generation’s Fund is making a real difference.

By contributing over £9m to a variety of charities we’ve been able to provide support to organisations focused on suicide, prevention, education, helping those without homes as well as conversation programmes. Our aim to allow individuals and communities to fulfil their potential in every walk of life. Through our sustainability goals and social upliftment, we’re excited about being able to continue doing so, every day.