Our Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Moving towards a more sustainable tomorrow, today

When it comes to sustainability, our strategy focuses on our chief philosophy: creating a brighter future, starting today. We’re committed to minimising our carbon footprint by lowering our CO2 emissions in every way we can. That’s why innovation in renewable energy is our number one priority.

How are we doing this? For starters, we’re constantly working on developing new renewable energy sources that align with our sustainability values and yours.

Through a focus on collaboration, we’re working to foster new business opportunities around the low-carbon future we envision. And we’re doing it together, by constantly engaging with our ESB Energy team around new ways we can all make a difference, every day, in everything we do both inside work and outside of it.

We’re continuously working to develop new sustainable innovations

We’re excited about a low-carbon future and our role in it. So we’re investing in clean energy technology across the board, from electric cars to ocean energy and solar power. Alongside this, we’re connecting with others who are passionate about creating change we can see, so we’re fostering collaboration and consultancy in the low-carbon sector.

And actively setting goals to lower our carbon footprint

We’ve got plans, big ones. By 2025, we intend to lower our CO2 emissions and increase our renewable energy sources by 26%. Alongside this, we plan to play an active role in influencing policies around carbon emissions.

By starting right here

Change starts here, at ESB Energy and within our broader ESB Group. To minimise our environmental impact, we’re continually improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and promoting sustainable travel for our whole team. We’re also reducing our water usage and encouraging re-using and recycling across our entire business. At the same time, we actively promote sustainability throughout our workplace and beyond, in our communities and homes. Because we believe that we can create and work towards change together.