Our Sustainability Progress: Renewable Energy and Beyond

ESB Sustainability Progress

We work hard to make progress in our sustainability goals. To ensure that we’re constantly taking tangible steps towards a greener Britain, we track our improvements through our Annual Sustainability Report as well as through progress updates throughout the year. By doing this, we remain accountable and are able to measure our success in reaching the low carbon future we believe in.

We’re making strides towards greener energy generation

Lowering our CO2 emissions is of paramount importance to us. We’re constantly working towards more sustainable energy production. Our most recent addition, our renewable energy plant in Essex’s Port of Tilbury, is helping to reduce the carbon intensity of the country’s power generation and will generate enough green electricity to power more than 97,000 homes.

Alongside this, we want to be sure we remain conscious of the goals put in place for COP21 (the world’s biggest sustainability forum that takes place in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme) in Paris. So, forward-thinking engagement and putting new, practical steps in place for ourselves are vital.

And powering homes sustainably

We believe in the power of wind energy and its potential to change the world. And we’ve been working on building windfarms in Britain for nearly thirty years. From South Wales to Durham and Devon, our windfarms supply over 400 MW of sustainable energy to over 80,000 homes, schools, hospitals, farms and businesses.

Because together we can build a Brighter Future

We’re changing the way we do things. Over the next decade, we will completely transform our energy generation and replace the old with renewable energy and high efficiency gas. By doing this, we’ll minus two thirds of our carbon footprint. And that’s just the beginning.

Through collaboration and our ambitious and broad-reaching goals, we’re confident in our ability to continue to make a worthwhile difference.