ESB Energy Fixed 12 Saver - V1

ESB Energy Fixed 12 Saver E7 - V1


1. Term

- 12 months from the day we take over your supply.


2. Pricing Structure

- This is a fixed rate tariff for 12 months. Your prices will be protected for 12 months from the date of registration on this tariff, subject to VAT and regulatory changes.

- ESB Energy will write to you before the end of the tariff to let you know what will happen next. Unless you choose another option, we will move you to another tariff on the same payment method and will provide further details of this tariff and the impact to you in this communication. If you choose to change supplier within 20 days of the expiry of your contract, any new rates will not be applicable.


3. Availability

- Available to existing customers of ESB Energy only if you leave the property to which this contract applies, you will not be able to transfer this current tariff to another property. However, you will be entitled to apply for any version of this Tariff that is available when you move out.


4. Additional core features including exit fees

- There are no exit fees in the Fixed 12 Saver V1 tariff.


5. Good to know

- You have the right to change your mind if you let us know within 14 days of registration.