ESB Energy Fixed Issue 6

ESB Energy Fixed E7 - Issue 6

  1. Supplies of mains gas and/or electricity from ESB Energy under the ESB Energy Fixed Issue 6 or ESB Energy Fixed E7 Issue 6 tariff (‘Tariff’) must be applied for from22nd December 2016 until the date when the Tariff is withdrawn by us. All applicants must be aged 16 years or over and must contract to pay, and continue to pay, for the energy supply under the Tariff by monthly Direct Debit or online Debit Card.
  2. Subject to Condition 7, ESB Energy guarantees that ESB Energy Fixed Issue 6 or ESB Energy Fixed E7 Issue 6 prices will remain fixed for 12 months from the date of registration on the Tariff.
  3. ESB Energy will write to you before the end of the tariff to let you know what will happen next. Unless you choose another option, we will move you to another tariff on the same payment method and will provide further details of this tariff and the impact to you in this communication. At the end of the tariff you will also have the option to cancel your contract with ESB Energy.
  4. The prices you pay as an ESB Energy Fixed Issue 6 or ESB Energy Fixed E7 Issue 6 customer will replace any mains gas and/or electricity prices which you may currently pay. These prices can be reviewed within your Welcome Pack and on our website, under Tariff Information Label.
  5. The obligations on ESB Energy under the Tariff and these terms and conditions will not come into effect until we have been registered as the supplier of mains gas and/or electricity to the property.
  6. If you leave the property to which this Tariff applies, you will not be able to transfer this current Tariff to another property. However, you will be entitled to apply for any version of this Tariff that is available when you move property.
  7. ESB Energy will meet the Tariff’s fixed price guarantee unless it is prevented from doing so by the actions or requirements of any governmental, statutory or licensing authority.

Tariff Availability

This Tariff is only available to customers who take gas and/or electricity, pay their bills by Monthly Direct Debit, and their electricity meter is either a single or two rate meter (Economy 7).

Quote and Comparison Information

Any quote given to you for this tariff is based on the information you have provided to us. If we become aware this is not accurate, we will advise you of the correct prices in writing.