2 Year Price Protect V5 - EV Tariff


1. Term

- 24 months from the day we take over your supply.

2. Pricing Structure

  - This is a fixed rate tariff for 24 months. Your prices will be protected for 24 months from the date of registration on this tariff, subject to VAT and regulatory changes.

- ESB Energy will write to you before the end of the tariff to let you know what will happen next. Unless you choose another option, we will move you to another tariff on the same payment method and will provide further details of this tariff and the impact to you in this communication. At the end of the tariff you will also have the option to cancel your contract with ESB Energy. If you choose to change supplier within 20 days of the expiry of your contract, any new rates will not be applicable.

3. Additional Core Features

 - It is only available to customers who manage their account online.
 - Customers on this tariff are eligible for free membership to the ESB EV Solutions Rapid Charging Service, and 25p per kWh for electricity used to charge your vehicle on any of our Rapid Charging Points for the duration of their energy contract. If you cancel or are unable to fulfill the terms and conditions of this tariff, you will lose this benefit.      

4. Availability

- Available to customers paying by direct debit only, if you miss payments or cancel your direct debit we will ask you to pay by other means. We may also cancel your contract and move you onto our standard variable tariff which will incur higher unit rates and / or standing charges.

- In the event we move you onto our Standard Variable Tariff at any point during a billing cycle, your bill for the entire period will be charged using our Standard variable rates.

- In the event we cancel your contract due to missed payments or failed direct debits, we may also charge an exit fee of £30 per fuel.

- Available only to new customers joining via esbenergy.co.uk or to existing customers upon expiry of their existing contract.

- Current ESB customers that are within their initial contract term may choose to move to this product, but exit fees may be applicable.

5. How we'll communicate with you

- All bills and other communications will be made available in your My account online area or sent via email.

6. Additional Charges including exit fees

- An exit fee of £30 per fuel applies.

7. Good to know

- You have the right to change your mind if you let us know within 14 days of registration.