Why Switch to ESB Energy?

Switch to ESB Energy


Why Switch to ESB Energy?

When it comes to finding the right energy supplier, we’ve got what you’re looking for:

We know energy

We’ve been supplying energy for over 90 years and have played a huge part in Britain’s energy history for over two decades. Put simply: when it comes to electricity and gas, we know what we’re doing and you can rely on us to do it well.

We’re making strides to do better

We’re revolutionising and investing more than ever in clean energy. We’ve introduced sustainability initiatives across the board to ensure our carbon footprint is minimised and we’re excited to continue doing more to create the brighter future we envision, today.

Energy, easily and honestly

We’re committed to more than just offering you great value electricity and gas tariffs, we want to makes your whole experience with us as easy and simple as possible, so that you have more time for the important things.

We get it, switching your energy supplier can seem confusing. But with us, it isn’t! Switching with us is simple and easy. But we wanted to address any potential questions you might have first, so that you can rest assured your switch will be nothing but positive.

What if I don’t save as much money as I thought I would?

We offer reliable, transparent, affordable fixed and variable tariffs and our handy quote tool helps you find out how much you can save on gas and electricity by switching to us in just five minutes. As a general rule of thumb, the most affordable electricity and gas plans on the market will be the ones that include these three things:

  • Dual Fuel, which means you get both your electricity and gas from one supplier.
  • Direct Debit, because most suppliers offer discounts if you pay via direct debit, as opposed to cash or cheque.
  • Online plans, which means you sign up for and manage your account online.

The good news? At ESB Energy, we tick all three of these boxes. Reliable, affordable energy is what we do best.

What if I get billed twice?

Double billing is when you get billed by both of your suppliers, both old and new.

But don’t worry – we’ve broken down the steps to help you easily keep your billing accurate.

Once you switch to us, we’ll request your meter reading on the 15th day of enrolment, two days before your new supply starts, on the 17th Day. Be sure to give us your meter reading on this date; it’s super important as it helps to ensure you get an accurate final bill from your previous supplier.

If you’ve switched to us but you’re still getting bills from your old supplier, it could just be your final bill or payment from them, or your Direct Debit might still be live.

No. That’s not the case and I’m still being billed. What do I do?

If you’ve checked that you’re not getting billed for one of the above reasons, just let us know and we’ll be there to help get any minor issues sorted quickly and easily.

What if my energy gets cut off?

Your energy supply is never at risk, we promise!

As your new supplier, we’ll contact your old supplier to arrange the transfer of your energy supply, and we’ll continue to use the same meters, wires and pumps as your old supplier did.

What if something happens to my energy supplier?

If you’re switching to us at ESB Energy, you’re in really safe hands. We’ve been supplying energy responsibly for over two decades in Britain and over 90 years in Ireland. We’re excited about continuing to do so and – with your help – helping to power Britain’s brighter future.

What if costs go up?

The good news is, with more and more energy providers popping up, you don’t need to settle for a supplier overcharging you. You can simply switch. From our side at ESB Energy, we’re committed to providing you affordable, reliable variable and fixed tariffs with customer service to match.